[av_one_fourth first] [av_testimonials style=’slider’ columns=‘2’ interval=‘5’] [av_testimonial_single src=” attachment=” name=‘Nils Wittmiss’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”] Employers should not be regarded labour law as their enemy.
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Labour law is a key element of our legal focus which is placed on business law. We have provided constant support to, above all, medium-sized companies in their process of finding solutions for issues relating to labour law for years. Apart from national and inter­na­tional companies, we also provide advice to and we represent private persons and staff repre­sen­ta­tives (staff councils and work councils) in court as well as out-of-court matters.

In order to achieve the objec­tives of our clients, we always endeavour to find effective, economic and creative solutions. In this context, we can make use of the latest know-how and experience. The use of most modern commu­ni­cation media and the permanent expert dialogue in our flexible team are a matter of course to us.

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Our profes­sional activity in the field of labour law focusses on the provision of advice in the field of individual labour law, regarding questions about the labour management regulation and regarding issues relating to the labour agreement.  For our clients, we assume the provision of constant support in the field of labour law, including the repre­sen­tation of the client before German labour courts, up to the Federal Labour Court. We advise and support manage­ments and personnel manage­ments in all questions relating to human resource management. We also support companies in everyday issues relating to labour law as well as in the develo­pment of strategies and solutions with regard to more complex legal matters.

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We do not only provide advice to national and inter­na­tional execu­tives, managers and members of boards of directors on issues relating to company law, but also on issues relating to labour law. Especially in case of commen­cement of the employer/employee relati­onship and in case of withdrawal or dismissal, profes­sional legal advice is of utmost impor­tance. However, it goes without saying that we are also available as contact persons in the meantime, if questions regarding remune­ration, profes­sional career or compliance etc. arise.

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If model contracts are used, usually the peculia­rities of the individual case are not suffi­ci­ently taken into consi­de­ration. We offer the exami­nation or prepa­ration of employment contracts to the employer and the employee. In this regard, we take account of the individual needs by flexible personnel deployment and working time models, up-to-date remune­ration systems and by sometimes complex arran­ge­ments regarding other working conditions

[/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=‘Notice of termi­nation, protection against unfair dismissal and severance payment’ tags=”] There are several legal barriers which may cause the dismissal of an employee to be null and void. We help companies to recognize such barriers prior to giving notice of termi­nation and we offer appro­priate solutions. In many cases, expensive and time-consuming processes before the labour courts can be avoided in this way right from the outset. We of course also defend notices of termi­nation which have been given in lawsuits against wrongful termination.

On the other hand, we also support employees in their fight for their jobs. It is often inevi­table to make a complaint against unfair dismissal, even if only an appro­priate severance payment for loss of job is what comes out of it now and then. However, in some cases, it may be advisable to reach an out-of-court agreement with the employer regarding the termi­nation of the employment relati­onship against severance payment.

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Do you have any further questions? Our foregoing general infor­mation cannot replace legal advice in individual cases. If you require legal advice or legal repre­sen­tation for your specific concern, we will be pleased to be at your disposal. Simply call or write us.

  • Provision of compre­hensive advice and support to companies with regard to labour law
  • Provision of advice to and repre­sen­tation of companies in case of restruc­turing and reorga­niz­ation measures, transfer of opera­tions and outsourcing
  • Provision of advice to employers and employees in case of conclusion of employment contracts, prior to and after giving notice of termi­nation and in case of conclusion of disso­lution contracts
  • Repre­sen­tation of clients in judicial procee­dings before labour courts
  • Drafting of contracts of service for managers and members of boards of directors
  • Provision of expert advice on issues relating to codetermination
  • Provision of advice on the law on employees‘ inven­tions and data protection
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